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Encompass Chiropractic Center is a family business. Dr. Victor Lasa & his wife Dr. Suanette Torres have been in practice over 8 years.

Chiropractic Testimonials

Take a look at what our happy patients had to say about there experience with our chiropratic team.
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      Jerry had prior injuries from working in a prison for 20 years leaving him with spasms and a dislocated spine. Jerry praises the results and ensures people would love trying the services here.

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      When Vickie was involved in a hit & run accident her neck & back was a terrible problem. She has tried a variety of medicines but to no avail. Vickie is now healthy and pain free!

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      Tom had a lower back injury he aquired on the job in the 1980's! He lived with pain until 2009 when he came to Encompass. Tom is now pain free and living a fuller richer life.

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      Mikes love for baseball became a painful experience when his body could not handle the long 9 inning games in his seat. After havinghis chiropractic sessions Mike is pain free & enjoying his Yankees.

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The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay, cancel payment or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted or reduced fee services, examination or treatment.

What to Do after a car Accident?

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident you will need to make an appointment for a brief, but thorough, examination. Often, individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents experience minimal or no symptoms for the first few weeks and even months. It's important to not only receive immediate and appropriate treatment for any injuries sustained, but also to document the extent of the injuries, if present.

Failure to obtain a timely evaluation or appropriate treatment for inquiries sustained in motor vehicle accident may negate your ability to receive monetary compensation for any future medical bills resulting from the accident, negate your ability to receive pain and suffering settlements, and negate compensation for work loss.