Can Corrective Care Improve Your Posture?

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Posture affects how you feel and function on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with poor posture due to bad habits, injuries, or the fast-paced nature of modern life. One of the much-touted solutions to this issue is corrective care, a key chiropractic service. But does it work?

Can Corrective Care Improve Your Posture?

Corrective care focuses on fixing the underlying structural causes of poor posture and pain, unlike relief care, which temporarily addresses symptoms. It takes a whole-body approach to improving posture by realigning your spine through spinal manipulation. Thus, corrective care aims to treat the root issues rather than just the symptoms that always run the risk of returning.

Research shows that corrective care can help you regain good posture by treating common posture problems such as:

  • Kyphosis, an excessive rounding of the upper back.
  • Swayback posture, which is caused by excessive lower back curvature.
  • Flatback posture, due to pelvic misalignment.
  • Forward head posture, whereby your ears lie beyond your vertical midline.

Beyond these specific posture issues, corrective care also addresses problems like compressed nerves and muscle weakness, which also contribute to poor posture.

So, how can corrective care improve your posture? Each aspect of corrective care is designed to treat a particular problem; for instance, spinal adjustment will help adjust the alignment of vertebrae and take the pressure off your nerves. On the other hand, restorative exercises focus on stretching tight muscles and strengthening core stability muscles like the back and abdominals. Corrective care patients also receive postural and ergonomic advice on improving their posture. With such a multi-pronged approach, it’s no wonder corrective care is one of the most reliable long-term posture improvement therapies out there.

If poor posture negatively impacts your daily life, consider exploring corrective care at any of our chiropractic centers in Sanford, Orlando, or Lake Mary, Florida today.