Common Pain Points a Chiropractor Can Treat

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Most of us have had consistent pain in our bodies at some point in our lives. We often wait it out to see if it will resolve on its own or try to apply at-home remedies to alleviate the issue. Other times, we might seek out pain medicine from a doctor or the drugstore to achieve relief. We don’t often think to look at the chiropractor’s office, but in reality, they can offer long-term pain relief solutions! Here are some common reasons you might want to see a chiropractor:

  1. Neck Pain – Neck pain is a common issue many people deal with these days because of our time spent on devices. Our neck muscles grow weak, and our spine can become misaligned from looking down all the time. A chiropractor can make adjustments to your spine to improve alignment, which in turn can alleviate neck pain associated with too much device time.

Common Pain Points a Chiropractor Can Treat

  1. Hip Pain – There are many reasons we may experience hip pain! For example, our hips can become misaligned from our sleeping position, the way we sit, or if we have muscle weakness on one side that causes our hips to overcompensate. A chiropractor will realign hips to reduce pain and improve mobility.
  2. Back Pain – Back pain is perhaps one of the most common issues that people suffer from today. Whether you have back pain due to an injury or you have been using a chair with poor support at work, a chiropractor can work with you to correct a misaligned spine causing back pain and offer treatments to ensure long-term relief.

If you are ready to stop experiencing chronic pain, reach out to us at Encompass Chiropractic Centers. We have three convenient office locations to help you get the pain solutions you need.