Simple Ideas for Managing Chronic Pain

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Although short-term physical pain frequently resolves itself, chronic pain doesn’t, and it can get in the way of you doing the things you want to do. If you are struggling with chronic pain, these strategies for managing it may provide some relief:

  • Stay active—If you have chronic pain, staying active can be a daunting challenge. But getting up and moving your body every day can actually help with the symptoms of chronic pain. A moderate activity routine can take your mind off this pain, strengthen your muscles, and improve your mood.

Simple Ideas for Managing Chronic Pain

  • Stretch—Try stretching for about 10 to 15 minutes when you first wake up in the morning and before your go to bed. Make sure you do full body stretches to enhance flexibility in all of your muscles. Practicing yoga or tai chi can also help you get in a good stretch.
  • Reduce stress—Feeling stressed can increase your chronic pain and make it harder to cope with. Rely on the practice of focused breathing and implement other strategies that help you wind down and reduce episodes of increased anxiety.
  • See a chiropractor—Chiropractic care can help you reduce pain in your muscles and joints while correcting any misalignments in your neck and spine.

Our office can help you devise an individualized plan for managing your chronic pain. For more information or to set up an initial consultation, reach out to us today.