The Benefits of an On-Site X-Ray at the Chiropractor

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The Benefits of an On-Site X-Ray at the ChiropractorMany chiropractors don’t offer an on-site x-ray when a patient goes for a visit. While chiropractors are trained to determine pain points and areas that need attention based on a person’s alignment and other factors, having an x-ray at an office visit can be incredibly useful.

When you see a chiropractor who offers an on-site x-ray, you’ll find that there is a lot more information gathered at the appointment, as well as a confirmation of issues that may need to be addressed. Sometimes an on-site x-ray will show areas of misalignment that are the source of pain points in other locations on the body!

Another way on-site x-rays are beneficial for your chiropractor is to determine whether treatments are working or if new tools need to be applied for improved results. For example, if you are experiencing a problem with your neck, an on-site x-ray will show whether the exercises you have been prescribed are working or if new measures should be added to your existing protocol to increase the speed at which you heal.

An on-site x-ray is also helpful for chiropractors when they want to refer you to other professionals like a physical therapist to help with your recovery. Pictures of the affected area will help your entire team develop the best course of action to help you feel and function better.

If you’re interested in learning more about how an on-site x-ray can give you more information about enhancing the healing process, or you’d like to schedule a chiropractic appointment, contact us at Encompass Chiropractic Centers today. We have three convenient locations to serve you!