Auto Accident Injury Treatment, Orlando, FL

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Our auto accident injury team has the right experience to help you make a swift recovery.

No matter how careful you are on the road, you can’t control the behavior of other drivers, and there’s always a chance that you could get into an auto accident. While car safety has come a long way to help mitigate the injuries caused by crashes, auto accident injuries can still be devastating and require intensive ongoing support in order to recover from. If you have been injured in a car accident, our team at Encompass Chiropractic Centers can help you. We offer expert chiropractic treatment that can help you make a healthy, speedy recovery from damaged muscles, broken bones, whiplash, or other issues.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment in Orlando, Florida

One of our chiropractors, Dr. Victor M. Lasa, trained at the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, where he studied whiplash and brain injury traumatology, two of the most common types of injuries caused by auto accidents. This means you can count on him and the rest of our team to provide effective auto accident injury treatment that will help you get back on your feet.

When you come to one of our three offices for auto accident injury treatment, we will first take the time to examine you, review your injury, and discuss your medical history as well as your current concerns. From there, we will develop an individualized treatment program to help you make the best possible recovery. We are proud to serve Orlando, Florida and the surrounding area, and we encourage you to give us a call if you need help following a car accident injury.

At Encompass Chiropractic Centers, we offer auto accident injury treatments for people from Sanford, Orlando, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Midway, Lake Monroe, and Lake Buena Vista, Florida.