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We provide massage therapy that delivers real benefits for your physical and mental health.

When you’re dealing with pain or discomfort in your muscles, you may wonder what natural remedies are available to you. Constantly taking OTC or prescription pain relief medications probably isn’t too appealing, but this type of pain can be debilitating. One solution that you may not have considered is massage therapy, which is incredibly beneficial for a range of problems, including inflammation, muscle soreness, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, and stress.

Massage Therapy in Sanford, Florida

Massage therapy has also been linked to a reduction in anxiety symptoms, chronic pain, headaches, digestive disorders, strains, and back and neck pain. You don’t have to visit a fancy spa to experience the benefits of massage therapy. You can visit us at Encompass Chiropractic Centers to get a massage from a professional therapist.

Massage Therapy in Sanford, Florida

There are a few types of massage, and each has its own advantages. Swedish massage is a gentler type that uses long, kneading strokes and deep circular movements to help you feel more relaxed. Deep tissue massage can target the deeper layers of the connective tissue and muscles, helping with damage caused to the muscles through injury. If you’re active, a sports massage might be the right option for you. The technique is similar to Swedish massage, although it focuses on the muscles used in various types of sports and physical activities.

We provide massage therapy that delivers real benefits for your physical and mental health. If you’re in Sanford, Florida and interested in experiencing the benefits that come with regular massage, contact us to schedule an appointment.

At Encompass Chiropractic Centers, we offer massage therapy for people from Sanford, Orlando, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Midway, Lake Monroe, and Lake Buena Vista, Florida.