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Our weight loss & nutrition options help you see real and lasting results.

Most New Year’s resolutions to lose weight are broken by Valentine’s Day of that same year. Why is that? For the most part, people in the Sanford, Florida area do not know how to take off extra weight safely, so they dive headfirst into unsustainable programs that set them up to fail. Here at Encompass Chiropractic Centers, we want to help provide an individualized, successful program that will have you seeing real results.

Weight Loss & Nutrition in Sanford, Florida

Your weight loss & nutrition program will be customized just for you and your needs. Each program is comprised of several aspects and designed to help you lose fat quickly. We will address your current health problems along with your current nutrition and hormonal levels to get a baseline from which we can design a program tailored to you.

We have a way to help you maintain your muscle and help you lose fat. Maintaining muscle tone is crucial in any weight loss program, and most diets fail because people lose muscle rather than fat through crash dieting techniques.  More muscle is needed to help speed and maintain your rate of metabolism, so we focus on helping to maintain your muscle mass so that you will not continue the cycle of weight loss and gain.

While you are on this program, you will follow a food management plan of minimal carbs, non-starchy vegetables and lots of good protein. We also ensure you get all the amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, and minerals you need to balance your body’s eco system so it will drop excess weight relatively quickly.

If you’re tired of the same old excuses and sick of spending money on programs that don’t work, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our weight loss & nutrition program.

At Encompass Chiropractic Centers, we offer weight loss & nutrition plans for people from Sanford, Orlando, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Midway, Lake Monroe, and Lake Buena Vista, Florida.