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Get back in the game after a sports injury.

Playing sports is a fun way to enhance your skills, compete, and get physical exercise. But after hours of practice and games that put strain on your body, you may start to function at a level that is less than optimal. And if you suffered an injury at practice, in a game, or just after repetitive use, you want to get back to optimal physical function as quickly as possible.

Sports Rehab in Orlando, Florida

We serve athletes in the Orlando, Florida area at Encompass Chiropractic Centers, and we are here to help you get back in the game. In fact, we were the Orlando City soccer chiropractors in 2013. Our sports rehab solutions are designed to help athletes suffering from pain and injury, helping them recover and get back to doing what they love. We customize every sports rehab plan based on each individual’s goals and situation to provide noticeable results that make a difference when you’re out on the field or court.

We provide comprehensive injury assessments, the development of evidence-based therapy programs, coordination of in-depth therapy sessions, and monitoring and adjusting of your personalized sports rehab plan. We want you to meet your performance goals, and we can help with everything from back and neck pain and foot and ankle injuries to arthritis and knee and hip problems.

Improve your performance and feel better with the sports rehab solutions we provide. To learn more or to set up your initial sports injury assessment, reach out to one of our three offices today.

At Encompass Chiropractic Centers, we offer sports rehab for people from Sanford, Orlando, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Midway, Lake Monroe, and Lake Buena Vista, Florida.